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We provide Innovations that Deliver

Ease-of-use Accuracy and Savings so

that you win the War On Waste!


About Us

What we do

We are pioneers in Apparel CAD & Costing Aid, Fabric Roll Management & Cutting Room, and Bespoke solutions. We are the only company that seamlessly integrates Marker making with Cutting Plan and Roll Management. We make apparel companies Industry 4.0 ready and help them scale up quickly!

How we do

Working closely with customers in manufacturing hubs for over 20 years, our entire team is wired to translate the felt needs of users to exciting features, tools and products that wow instead of delivering standard boxes!

The impact

With our focus on innovation and ease of use, we have consistently delivered higher fabric savings, cut down labour costs, ensured greater productivity and faster throughput.

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How would it be to just input order data, pattern data and

fabric roll data and the program automatically comes up with

a cutting plan, generates markers, allocates fabric rolls,

prepares lay slips, assigns spreading and cutting jobs,

and tracks & reports all activities real-time?

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Merely by responding to your buyers faster you can increase the probability of converting more of your enquiries into orders

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Our Customers

Our customers are spread across India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Africa...

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Ambattur Clothing, India

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Offices: Chennai | Tirupur | New Delhi | Colombo | Dhaka

No.14, Garment Complex, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai - 6000032

+91 44 43186995

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Win the War On Waste

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